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Xochiquetzal's Bed is a part of my year long performance ceremony The Earth is My Elder :: listening to earth as Indiginist methodology for repatriation. I lay on the earth as a decolonial/Indiginist act of restoration at the generative edge of lineage repair and remembrance of stories emergent in body-earth relationality. My laying-on tipi place will be presenced in the gallery as one of its many installations through the year. More than a space or site, it is a place, an alter, an offering, a piece of ceremonial regalia. It is a gesture of public home-place making as a way of involving a greater community in the performance of a very personal and process-based ceremony. It is a multi-media presence centering Xochiquetzal, goddess of birth, mothering and female sexuality, and my life story of diasporic identity as a mother. I position my story in relation to Xochiquetzal's gesture of holistic dualism as it relates to the dual-process of decolonizing and Indigenizing birth and mothering as we recover from the traumatic age of colonialism and genocide. ~ Krista 

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is pleased to present Xochiquetzal's Bed: a union of feathers and flowers by Krista Arias as part of the Intermission Series. On show from April 28 – May 7 2016, this presentation is part of the artist’s year-long performance ceremony The Earth is my Elder.