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New Cohort starts Fall 2019

a mystery school for mamas

You can choose from three options: you can join the one year Personal Mastery mentorship, the 2 year Be of Service program or 3 year Community Practitioner initiation. You don't need to decide now, or do each year continuously. Just make a start and see where it leads.

1) Personal Mastery:

The one year program will cover the following areas: personal and community transformation, trauma resolution, somatic wisdom, curative story, ancestral healing, lineage repair, archetypal psychology, sacred & healing foods, Indiginist Soul, grounded ancestral re-membering, seasonal celebrations, earth rhythms & earth medicine, creating personal ceremony and rites of passage, financial freedom and cultural creativity. This year is a lot of deep personal work and internalized cultural healing. This one year program culminates in a 4-day ceremonial gathering in August. Offered Fall 2019.

2) Be of Service:

The second year will be a deeper dive into working with these, and new, modalities including constellation ceremony, poiesis and poetic imagination, dream-craft & cosmo-logic, hosting & supporting ceremony and rites of passage. Our focus will shift from healing and integrating the self to traversing the gap to serving the other. We start small with each other, friends and family members. This year requires 3 live sessions in Portland, Oregon, including a 4-day ceremonial gathering in August. Offered Fall 2020.

3) Community Practitioner:

In the third year, you will choose an area of concentration, Myth Mending, Butter Alchemy or Threshold Activism, and enter into the phase of praxis practicum, trouble shooting, holding boundaries, self-care for practitioners, financial freedom & business basics. This year requires 3 live sessions in Portland, Oregon including a 4-day ceremonial gathering in August. Offered Fall 2021.

The lēmniscāte is an ancient symbol, an archetypal pattern, an invocation of the myriad dualities of the world. Lēmniscāta, is this symbol as experienced from the female / feminine perspective. I believe, m(othering) - from being born, to menarche, to birth, from moonpause to eldership and finally becoming ancestor - is the central image/reality needed in world soul repair.

nourish mother :: nourish world

:: THE 4 phases of the journey ::

:: mother is center ::

somatic earth wisdom 

You are a mama who is willing to be honest, a m(other) who knows that the female body is an original instruction, but who also knows that her self and mothering is mixed-up from generations of trauma and cultural confusion. This program will support you in an intensive year of healing and learning the basics of earth-based mothering. After this major restoration phase, you will begin to feel more resilience and your whole past present and future will unfold into a new mythology, one where the ruptures are beginning to be mended, where a new story is emerging and your somatic-earth-cosmos relation begins to become palpable. Your work as a mother - whether giving birth, adopting a child, integrating yourself into a blended family, preparing your child for their coming of age, or mentoring your grown children and community as an elder - this program is about re-membering an "ancient future" that is full of humble knowing, among-ness, and personal integrity. 

restoring :: resilient :: restorying :: rhythmic


financial freedom
& cultural creativity
for women 

A Room of Her Own


you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves . . . 

Soft Animal

First Year

Fall 2019


seasonal celebrations & ceremonies
creating authentic ceremony
connecting with earth rhythms

Erth Psalm


ancestor invocation
reciprocity, trust & shame
permission for healing

lineage repair


traditional, sacred
and healing foods
ancestral preparations

Folklore Foods

:: program overview ::


blossoming warrior dream-craft café
organic, organismic dream-work
walking in both worlds :: waking/dreaming



write to save yourself... and one day you'll write because you've been saved

Write to Save Yourself


threshold rites
home birth/funeral
unassisted birth/death 


Second Year

coming fall  2020


group ceremonial process
restoring flow of love
ancestral healing :: lineage repair
archetypal lineage patterns

constellation ceremony


ceremony & initiation

Lazy-Lady Living

schedule :: first year

Folklore Foods
Soft Animal I
Earth Psalm - Fall :: stitching aprons

October - November


January - February

April - May

July - August



integration month
inner winter

A Room of Her Own
Soft Animal II
Earth Psalm - Winter :: stitching shrouds 

integration month
inner equinox

integration month
inner solstice :: front porch revolution

A Room of Her Own II
Basics of Lineage Repair
Earth Psalm - Spring :: stitching blankets

Lineage Repair
Earth Psalm - Summer :: stitching skirts
Constellation Ceremony :: Summer Gathering

:: enrollment for second year opens ::


Program Reciprocity

our exchange

I will give you a year of support and mentorship toward your own healing, as well as community & cultural healing. I will share what I have learned over more than 20 years of research & training, 10+ years working directly with "clients."

I will also share wisdom from a lifetime (I turn 50 this year) of experience with personal growth and transformation, what works and what only serves to push us deeper into denial. I will give you my all and share my vulnerability as well as confidence in this work.

In reciprocity, I ask that you offer that which you can safely and with integrity contribute. Programs of this kind usually range from $3,000 - $8,000 and payment plans are often accepted.

If you are invited into the program we will create an individual reciprocity agreement.

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