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Many of you are mothers and know it. Other’s of you might be feeling like, dang, is all this stuff here for me?

I want to clear things up a little right now:

Yes, I am creating this community for mamas. Mothers are a priority. And by mothers I mean:

  • precious new mamas (with intimate strangers living liminally inside or outside of their maternal bodies)
  • someday maybe to-be mothers in sacred preparation
  • long empty-nested and seasoned mamas
  • bereaved mothers – yes mothers – with descendants on the other side
  • all the wombyn whose wombs have known life even for the shortest time
  • m(others) who dig inside themselves to care for children of the world, who don’t take their “childless-ness” as a disaster or as a right
  • m(others) who understand their obligation to future generations and honor the sacred place of biological mothers no matter how uncomfortable and difficult – who stand for them and are committed to bringing them along.

Mothering is an archetypal pattern. However, it is daily losing ground in our world. I believe the core of mother, the centering of mother is important. Dare i say it – essential.

“All western culture rests on the murder of the mother.” ~ Luce Irigaray

By nourishing mother we nourish world . . .

If you resonate with this, you are welcome here!

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