You know life shouldn’t feel so heavy,
that there should be as much joy as pain,

but right now you feel trapped,
paralyzed, and overwhelmed by it all.

You want to follow, or find, your dreams,
your calling, your myth,

but something just keeps getting in the way.

You’ve tried so many things
it’s hard to count them all.

It shouldn’t be so hard to live the life you want.

I'll show you a way . . .

From about the time I was 19, I searched the world over

for something to relieve the pain, the obsessing, 

the self-hatred, the invasive thoughts and the numbness.

I tried so many things:

conventional therapy, alternative healing paradigms,

positive psychology, spirituality, veganism, and so much more.

By the time I was 30, I had given-up.

I had found poetry and prayer and decided it would have to be enough.

and I tried to just get on with my life.

I got married.

. . . I had a baby.

Pregnancy and childbirth cracked me open.

I could no longer let things sit in the status quo 

I was devastated.

I was overwhelmed.

I was grief-stricken . . .

and afraid.

I know how it feels . . .

I was desperate to heal so I could offer my child something more.

I began the search anew and found something new, and another, and another.

I added them to a magical basket of wonders 

and wove them into a very special process.

I call it Myth Mending

That is why I created Myth Mending

You don’t have to sit through endless hours of therapy,

You don’t have to blame others, or the world,

You don’t have to rely on willpower and mental tricks . . .

What if I told you I have a secret . . . just for you.

What if I told you . . .

Myth Mending takes place within a simple conversation carefully slowed, tracked, tenderly repaired and integrated. Sometimes it is done one on one and sometimes in a group.

Myth Mending is a profoundly efficient and powerful way to get to the root of things and make a deep inner shift, one that echoes outward into your life and the world.

Myth Mending is a paradigm of healing that draws on trauma resolution, somatic wisdom, curative story, ancestral healing, philosophical counsel, ceremonial practice, lineage repair and dream-craft. Myth Mending is a bit like coaching and a bit like counseling, and also nothing like them at all. Myth Mending is deeply rooted in my own somatic healing wisdom that I have developed through various western and non-western paradigms.

Myth Mending is both ancient and innovative, powerful and efficient. It is a process for resolving trauma, recovering presence and finding your (and the world’s) deeper healing story of the past, but also the future. The rupture that so often follows trauma in our current world is not a universal and necessary reality. Traumatic rupture is part of the reality of human suffering. However, lasting traumatic damage is the result of our current dominant paradigm – its deconstruction and removal of the Indigenous and embodied ceremonial arts practiced by initiated individuals and communities as a whole. Our global ancestral cultures and the ceremonies that went with them were protective and must be restored with care and authenticity.

What to Expect

Are you a Therapist and what is Myth Mending?

No. I am not a therapist. Myth Mending simply assists the human organism to connect with its natural healing momentum. It assumes the essential integrity and wholeness of each individual. I have consciously avoided engaging in paradigms that diagnose and treat disease and mental illness. I don’t do the healing. I facilitate you doing that yourself.

Will you work with me if I am mentally ill?

I do not acknowledge the symptoms and syndromes of mental illness except in resisting them and participating in a global effort to remember the ancestral truth that mental illness is caused by western civilization and it’s attachment exclusively to “head” knowledge, its eradication of indigenous ways of knowing and continued denial of its debt to global victims (including itself) of colonialism in all it’s forms. I see grief itself as healing and despair and delusions the conditions of our current civilization. I never diagnose or treat mental illness. Instead I seek to support wholeness and repair for all as well as changing the structures of systematic oppression of certain groups.

What happens in a Myth Mending session?

Springing from a clear intention, a typical session starts with a simple conversation. Together we will carefully allow and track the organic emergence of the thing calling for attention. Slowly, efficiently and respectfully we will untangle the constellation in question and, frame by frame, re-imprint and re-integrate, the pieces of the story using all of the senses and psyche.

Is our work together confidential?

Myth Mending is quite different from traditional therapy in that we won’t be going over and over all the details. You get to be fully expressed without feeling like you are giving me lots of tricky information about yourself or your relationships. Also, I am committed to seeing everything you tell me through the sacred lens of the deepest truest story as it emerges so that, in a way, I keep things confidential even from myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Myth Mending can help with:
Moving though relationship conflict
Work and career development, change or evolution
Personal feeling of well-being
Personal and professional commitment preparation (marriage/career)
Understanding your purpose and calling in the world
Creating and maintaining family rhythm and harmony
Finding and maintaining a healthy weight
Overcoming depression, anxiety and/or addiction
Following a dream that seems difficult or impossible

Who Myth Mending is for:
Anyone interested in receiving in depth, individual support during times of transformation and change.
People who have tried everything else and need something that works at a deeper level.
Anyone wanting to relate to conflict in a way that makes it more comfortable.
People open to embracing their inner healer as an ally and teacher.
People wanting to see things from a bigger picture without denying local reality.

Whether you're young or old, professional or artistic, introverted or extroverted, Myth Mending is powerful paradigm for becoming more and more of who you really are, who you dream you are, who you desperately want to be. Even a few sessions can make a life-changing difference, so I invite you to give it a try!

You can do it!

Who Myth Mending is for:

You’re here . . .

Maybe you met me at a conference, or heard an interview, or read an article I wrote . . .

. . . or maybe someone sent you.

Whatever the case, you are most welcome.

If you have made it this far, you are probably seeking a new paradigm, something a little different from the standard of care and the protocols of therapy or the diagnosis of disease

If you are a member of a marginalized category or community (most all of us are), you are beginning to witness the world awakening to the fact that the problem isn’t just with you, the marginalized, but with the dominant system and those who are consciously, as well as inadvertantly, complicit in it.

You are looking for a remembrance, a sacred healing practice, a collaboration, a release and a deeper awakening.

Me too.

If this will be your first experience with Myth Mending you will start with my small course Soft Animal plus 3 sessions.

Myth Mending starter package - $425

After that:

1 session for $150

3 sessions for $400

Get started now . . .


Please set us a time for us to have a small chat to see if Myth Mending is a good fit, or just to "meet" me before committing. I'd love to talk with you! 

Set up a Quick chat

~ Jenny Rae Walter

I had an incredible session with Krista. I felt complete acceptance and non-judgement of the issues I brought to the table. Krista’s intuition is on point and she is a caring and attentive guide. She had a way of engaging me in the session and adding just the right insights, words and spaces to lead to a breakthrough. 

Complete acceptance and non-judgement

~ Josie Fae

Nothing I’ve tried has come close to the kind of immediate, deep affect that working with Krista has provided. Her methods are so gentle and intuitive that it’s hard to believe the powerful results. please set up an appointment with Krista, and get ready for a breakthrough!

Get ready for a breakthrough!

~ Ann Dorn Seregow

I’ve experienced deep and beautiful changes in just a few sessions. Krista's intuitive, heart-centered approach is gentle, genuine and guided by the wisdom that the body never lies. Krista brought her kind spirit, and vast knowledge to every meeting, guiding me gently and capably. She truly is a “wise woman of the tribe,” a healer who is part of the community she serves.

 . . . deep and beautiful changes

~ Liselle Vetsch

Krista held a beautiful space for me. In holding that space she gave me the opportunity and gentle guidance to look walk through my fears. The work we did was simpler than I expected, but profound in it’s simplicity. I experienced the complete solidification of trust in my own intuition, my ability to make it through anything, 

Krista held a beautiful space for me . . .

~ Abra Ann Stolte

I liked the actual feeling of healing in my body. It was immediate and apparent and intense. The three biggest benefits have been the reassurance and awareness that I am where I need to be, a great feeling of calm and relaxation, and feeling ready to finally leave behind debilitating patterns and stories that no longer serve me. Krista is truly amazing.

. . . immediate and intense.

~ Lucinda Bowman

First of all, I adore Krista! She is so warm, compassionate and human. I just love how whole I felt after the work we did in just two weeks. I feel calmer, and that is HUGE! I felt a real sense of completion after the work we did. I appreciated that the techniques didn’t dive right into the most painful memories, but danced around the edges thereby healing the more core pain.

I adore Krista . . .