I help intuitive, visionary, and poetic earth-mamas, like you,  
who want to re-connect with ancestral skills,
knowledge and spirituality without mis-appropriating 
from other cultures of the world. 

I do this through personal and ancestral repair, 
sacred & healing traditional foods, earth-medicine
and threshold ceremony
so that you feel supported by 
family, community, ancestors, land and cosmos.

Hi, I'm Krista . . .

Myth Mender, Threshold Activist, Butter Alchemist

Right now it is a mess out there . . . and in here.

It's hard to see a way out of the current fragmentation and polarization.

Outer and inner worlds are both confused and confusing . . .

from the way we treat the earth, to the way we handle the soul.

You want to have hope for both, but not by living in denial.

It seems you either have to put your chin up, smile, and lie to yourself,

ignoring the ache of the earth and the cry of the psyche . . .

or live in a perpetual honest, but disturbed and depressed state.

It's so disheartening and sometimes downright frightening

It shouldn’t be so hard to live a life of meaning, purpose, and peace.

Let me show you a world

there is another way . . .

You don’t have to blame yourself, or the world.

You can recover the balance, the rhythm, of inner and outer . . .

of grief and gratitude, of peace and purpose . . .

Let me show you a way.

What if I told you . . .

• appreciate depth and connection and integrity.
• understand that thresholds are sacred places.
• value ancestral traditions of earth and culture.
• understand that farming is a soul-craft
• want to understand their body-as-earth selves.
• know that simplicity & sustainability aren't fads.
• won't compromise fairness for freedom.
• won't compromise freedom for fairness.
• understand that paradox is generative.
• value a balance between emotion and intellect.
• strive to be regular, humble helpers . . . 

I love working with mamas who . . .

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Chelsea Ackerman

My session with Krista was truly transformative. Through her guidance I was able to uncouple my historical trauma transference from my current partnership. The pattern of emotional overreaction I’d been experiencing with my partner seems totally dissolved now. The energy of my traumatic past is no longer dominant in my body and I am now able to see my partner for who she is, free from the projections and associations from my past. I no longer feel powerless to break patterns of projection.

 Before our session, I was afraid I was too stuck and too emotional to be able to experience any benefit. This was far from the case, and actually Krista was able to hold a safe space for all of my emotions and experiences/story, to help me find my internal resources, to ground myself, and to transmute this emotional energy into healing and relief.

 Krista is down to earth while also professional in sharing her expertise, and my expectations or our work together were met and exceeded. She provides wisdom, support, and guidance, while simultaneously being very rooted in understanding the inherent equality between practitioner and client. She is supportive without acting superior. She respects the inherent wisdom of the individual. She flows easily between lead and assist, as needed moment by moment.

 As a massage therapist, I’ve studied and experienced a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, and in my experience I found Krista’s work to provide the most rapid and dramatic healing I’ve ever experienced. I believe Krista’s healing work really mends the body-wisdom gap we all experience by living in this distorted disconnected culture. It helps release historical trauma without having to talk it out in therapy hour after hour after hour. Krista is compassionate, connected, and present. I have spent two decades working on my shame and trauma.

truly transformative . . .

Jenny Rae Walter

I had an incredible session with Krista. I was working on a theme of professionalism in my business and I was able to pin point the family patterns that have contributed to letting the ball drop in my work life, where I could pull support from my ancestral line and was able to make peace with this recurrent issue. I imagined Myth Mending / Constellation work to be clinical and that I may feel psychoanalized but instead I felt complete acceptance and non-judgement. Krista’s intuition is on point and she is a caring and attentive guide into the subconscious. She had a way of engaging me in the session and adding just the right insights, words and spaces to lead to a breakthrough. I will definitely be coming back for sessions on topics that feel too big, deep and difficult to move through on my own.

Complete acceptance and non-judgement

Josie Fae

There are so many counselors, healers, therapists, lifestyle gurus and professional advice-givers out there that it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. As a mother of three, I've spent who knows how much time and money looking for effective support for my family's health, only to find superficial, time consuming programs that may produce short-lived results (that require constant re-upping to maintain any effectiveness), but never really get to the heart of what we need.

Nothing I've tried has come close to the kind of immediate, deep affect that working with Krista has provided. Her methods are so gentle and intuitive that it's hard to believe the powerful results. Within a week of our first hour-long session, my energy and sense of well-being were raised dramatically. I felt clearer and more confident in my body's ability to heal and was amazed when the results started reaching beyond the original issue for which I had sought her out.

Many years later, I don't hesitate to turn to Krista. Her compassionate manner and truly holistic approach have given me the support I've needed to overcome blocks and reach my goals, without the confusing and often guilt-inducing yo-yo effect I've experienced with other practitioners. She understands that our lives aren't cookie-cutter and our issues aren't compartmentalized. If you've tried all the healthy living fads, diet programs, all the different therapies, alternative and conventional, and are still feeling stuck, please set up an appointment with Krista, and get ready for a breakthrough!

. . . hard to believe the powerful results

Ann Dorn Seregow

I’ve experienced deep and beautiful changes in just a few sessions working with Krista. Her intuitive and heart-centered approach is gentle and genuine, guided by a belief in the wisdom that the body never lies. Krista brought her kind spirit, vast knowledge and desire to grow personally to every meeting, guiding me gently and capably. She truly is a “wise woman of the tribe,” a healer who is part of the community she serves.

wise woman of the tribe . . .

Liselle Vetsch

Krista held a beautiful space for me. A space free of anyone’s judgments, fears or preconceptions… except my own. In holding that space she gave me the opportunity and gentle guidance to look at these and walk through them. I came out on the other side feeling more committed and surrendered. The work we did was simpler than I expected, but profound in it’s simplicity. I experienced the complete solidification of trust in my own intuition, my ability to make it through anything, and renewed faith that, whatever the outcome, my baby was meant to be born in this way (breech).

a beautiful space . . .

Abra Ann Stolte

I liked the actual feeling of healing in my body. It was immediate and apparent and intense. The three biggest benefits have been the reassurance and awareness that I am where I need to be, a great feeling of calm and relaxation, and feeling ready to finally leave behind debilitating patterns and stories that no longer serve me. Krista is truly amazing.

immediate and apparent and intense . . .

Lucinda Bowman

First of all, I adore Krista! She is so warm, compassionate and human. I always feel very free to express myself both mentally and physically when I’m around her. I just love how whole I felt after the work we did in just two weeks. I feel like I found some very useful tools that I can use during other stressful or anxiety provoking times. My immediate impression is that I feel calmer, and that is HUGE! I felt a real sense of completion after the work we did. I appreciated that the techniques didn’t always dive right into the most painful experiences or memories, but gracefully danced around the edges thereby healing the more core pain.

warm, compassionate and human . . .

Kamee Abrahamian

Myth mending is a profound way to heal personal and cultural patterns we are stuck in because of trauma. I most appreciated the guided, embodied exercises that supported a “working in/with/through” my “challenge” by pulling it in from my physical surroundings then into and out of my body. The biggest benefits for me have been finding new ways to engage with (or not engage with) toxic patterns and learning how to trust the movements that my body organically makes to do “the thing” without having to rely on my head/words.

I have considered seeing a regular therapist in the past, but don’t feel I have the capacity to make them understand my issues in a way that doesn’t make me feel even more messed up. If you are sick of western psychological pathologizing white men telling you how to think and feel and heal, go to Krista. She is: Clear. Complex. Tender. I trust Krista wholeheartedly.

Clear. Complex. Tender.

Tami Brunk

In just one Myth Mending session Krista identified the core struggle I was facing at a somatic level, and used very simple and powerful tools to get me in my body actively shifting the dynamic that I'd been trapped in for so long. The impact of that has remained with me for weeks. I have also used this tool with friends and clients and it is POWERFUL. Krista's work gets down to the bones of the issue and works it through in a primal way, at the root. I loved her ability to hone in through the complexity of issues I brought forward, down to the core of what I needed to heal. Krista is Gentle, Powerful, Wise. She is deeply intuitive and can see what is hidden, to support you in mending fragmented aspects of your being and support your shift toward empowerment! 


Franca Haesler

Myth Mending enabled me to connect inner emotional dis-ease and turmoil with embodied practice and return to modes of release and expression. It is unique. Rather than just talking through my inner state, I was able to go into a deeper place, explore and see what came out and how. I discovered aspects of myself that I hadn’t been aware of before and I was able to heal. I had never heard of Myth Mending and I don’t think I understood it practically. I was drawn to Krista’s description; her words resonated with me and we seemed to speak the same language.

Krista is personal, strong and nurturing. After three sessions with her, I am starting to reach into the depths of what this practice can be. I have a knowledge of it in my body and subconscious that rises up for me to grasp in my ongoing journey of (re)connecting with myself and my health.

I was concerned about the vulnerability I would experience as I worked through my traumas. This was unavoidable, and Krista’s presence was incredibly stabilizing and supportive which over time allowed for a true release.

My favorite part was learning the practice of Myth Mending; this is unlike any “counseling” or therapeutic practice I have experienced. Myth Mending explores how we have blocked releasing our traumatic experiences by storing them in our bodies. Her practice releases the traumas through body-work. I have experienced discovery, release, and understanding through the process. I love how instead of coming from solely a verbal place Myth Mending grounds itself in an embodied therapy. I believe it has contributed to my bodily awareness, my comfort in being in my body, and my understanding of who and how I am.

discovery :: release :: understanding

Martha Letessier

The coursework delved deeper than I expected and gave me an extra push in deepening my spiritual practice. I go back to things like Sacred Slaughter, dealing with death and permaculture in general. If you join the program, you’re in for a delicious treat. I am humbled by the generosity and wealth of information that Krista shares.

deepening my spiritual practice . . .

DyAnna Gordon

Being able to talk to someone who really understood the struggles that come as you move through the midwifery journey was extremely helpful. Also having someone who was unbiased and non judgmental regarding experience etc. was heart warming. I was surprised with how much trauma I still had stored and how it was affecting me moving on in my practice. I have been able to clarify where I stand. Krista was wonderful to work with. Unjudgemental, flexible and supportive. She didn’t rush the process allowing plenty of time for me to move through my emotions and thoughts but also made sure that our time together was well worth our while and resources. It was a great experience.

crucial to my development . . .

Marianne Gotz

Before I started working with Krista, I was afraid to have to dig deep and struggle. Now I know that dealing with trauma doesn’t have to be difficult. Krista’s Soft Animal / Myth Mending process has gone past my brain right into the cells of my body, the animal within, and only pure honest discoveries have come forth. I loved the sacredness of working with Krista, the idea that our ancestors are involved, the wholeness – involving our mind, body, spirit and beyond – right down to items for the altar. If you are open to learning a unique way to deal with trauma and become more resilient for future ones, work with Krista!

mind, body, spirit and beyond . . .

Julie Shiprack

Lazy-Lady Living has taught me that the type of human being I am will greatly inform how and why I sow seeds and grow plants/vegetables/herbs. All that matters is that I start to make small, meaningful changes daily. LLL has helped me to approach challenges and struggles in a fresh way, with curiosity and passion to find creative solutions. The material is so deep that I think one could spend a lifetime contemplating and there would still be more to learn. Lazy-Lady Living reveals how preciously intertwined we all are. When one can really feel how interconnected one is to the rest of the world, it becomes easier to make choices that will benefit the Whole.

reveals how preciously intertwined we all are . . .