constellation ceremony

Ancestral healing and lineage repair at the somatic level of the nervous system, the mythological core of the world, the poetic soul of the body/land/cosmos, and within the relational field of community connection and belonging.


second sunday salon

Brief monthly Community Constellation gatherings coalescing around a seasonal medicine theme. 

on hold

:: mystery school ::

song :: ceremony :: sustenance

New Cohort starts fall 2023

a mystery school for mamas

The lēmniscāte is an ancient symbol, an archetypal pattern, an invocation of the myriad dualities of the world. Lēmniscāta, this symbol as experienced from the female / feminine perspective. I believe, m(othering) - from being born, to menarche, to birth, from moonpause to eldership and finally becoming ancestor - is the central image/reality needed in world soul repair.

nourish mother :: nourish world