This will be a gathering of repair and restoration,

of personal healing, and community transformation.

We will gather to witness, sense and cultivate among-ness.

We honor our regular selves as we also

initiate, activate and inspire each other.

We do this through many small things,

eating together, sitting knee to knee, 

and repairing the ruptures that 

keep us entangled and un-free.


live in
magdalena, new mexico

This is not just a gathering to share medicine and/or skills,

though this will be an element of our time together.

This will be a time for each one of us to stand in the center

and ceremonially, with utmost care,

investigate and unearth what holds us back from our obligations.

We will slowly and with presence,

be witnessed as we unfold within the


to heal and transform.

We will take turns.

We will carry each other.

We will invite sacred world

and our most regular, vulnerable, selves

to visit, explore and mend . . .

You will be held . . .

I stand for re-membering.

Your ancestors will be honored.

Your longing will be invited.

Your soul will be held with care.

Your dignity is calling . . .

I will be your guide . . .

There is a necessary order across generations that allows love to flow

between individuals in families and friendships, between nations/cultures,

and between generations.

And when it doesn’t flow, our energy gets bound up

in intergenerational ruptures and entanglements,

so that we cannot be free.

We forget who we really are.

We begin to identify with patterns of behavior

and coping strategies that… work.

But also that bind us.

Everyone deserves healing

It is possible to repair these ruptures.

It is possible to unravel our entanglements

so that the stories of our lives can unfold

in a way that feels congruent with our deepest calling,

our passions and our dreams –

as individuals,

as kin,

as communities in relation.

Let me show you what's possible . . .

It may seem awfully abstract and maybe even woo woo, but it really isn't. It is so much more that just knowing there are ruptures and analyzing them or telling the story of them. It is focused and profound and somatic and cosmic and deeply ceremonial.

Actually, there is a very specific process I use to locate and actually mend ruptures that existed before you were born.  

First we meet and gather in a circle. We introduce and invoke our selves and our immediate ancestors: parents and grandparents. We then invite all our ancestors to join us in the room and make our offerings of reciprocity to them. 

Next, in order to create a ceremonial space, we start with some small gestures  to ground us in connection to our individual and collective body's somatic understanding and wisdom These gestures also help us understand the difference between intuition / felt sense and invasive thoughts / unresolved-trauma driven interventions / ideology. This also connects and weaves us together  as  ceremonial relations, so that when we move to the deeper work, we can rest upon and gather support from this root.

We then "move to the floor" and one of us starts out in the center of the process of ancestral trauma resolution or lineage repair. This process begins with the naming of both an individual intention or often an obstacle, stuck-ness or stubborn pattern. Then as a group we make contact with our somatic wisdom and connection to archetypal patterns to enact, materially and symbolically, a ceremonial image of where things are. 

As this pattern is seen and felt, we trust our bodies to shift ever so slowly from the pattern of damage and blockage toward one of liberation and flow. We ask, "what is needed here for love to flow." I will facilitate this process, drawing on my decades of experience in ceremony and trauma resolution. As we move slowly, we pay attention to the larger relational/knowing field for clues and new images for liberation and becoming and world soul healing.

As each individual ceremony comes to a close, we move to the next individual, and then the next, until everyone (who come into one of the center spaces) has had a turn in the center. We then shift toward closing the circle and gradually begin to process the larger group experience and vision that invariably visits us as we work and unfold in this somatic and imaginal process of healing ceremony.

Not everyone takes a place at the center. Some participants come as supporters and they work to hold space and contribute to the whole. Thought these spots may seem to be exclusively in service roles, they are more than that. As each person heals themselves, everyone in the room who shares a similar traumatic imprint heals at the same time. We are not separate. Furthermore, the social nervous system itself is liberated and made more cohesive for all - extending out of the healing space.

Finally, we send each other off into the world where the work continues to unfold and emerge in us and we stay in touch for a lunar cycle via a small FB group. This is where we take the first step in, what one of my mentors (and my spiritual father), Basil Braveheart speaks of "walking it into the world." Our insights and visions still need tending and care so that they become integrated into our selves and families and kin communities.

Reciprocity . . .

this is the part about how i do this work as a service, but also in order to support my family and projects i believe in . . .

for example: The Indígena Project

I hope you'll join us

This is the break-even cost and you are welcome to offer more than this. If you cannot safely and with integrity offer this much please contact me for a work-trade or scholarship.

the cost for this retreat is:

Snacks will be provided as well as a nourishing omnivorous big meal on Saturday and Sunday. 

Register below to join us!

accommodation can be arranged for an additional fee 

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Next constellation ceremony is:
March 19th - 21st


Nothing I’ve tried has come close to the kind of immediate, deep affect that working with Krista has provided. Her methods are so gentle and intuitive that it’s hard to believe the powerful results. If you’ve tried all the healthy living fads, diet programs, all the different therapies, alternative and conventional, and are still feeling stuck, please set up an appointment with Krista, and get ready for a breakthrough!



I found Krista’s work to provide the most rapid and dramatic healing I’ve ever experienced. Her work really mends the body-wisdom gap we all experience by living in this distorted disconnected culture. It helps release historical trauma without having to talk it out in therapy hour after hour after hour. Krista is compassionate, connected, and present. 



I had an incredible session with Krista. I was able to pin point the family patterns that have contributed to letting the ball drop in my work life, where I could pull support from my ancestral line and make peace with this recurring issue. I felt complete acceptance and non-judgement. Krista is and intuitive, caring and attentive guide. She has a way of engaging me in the session and adding just the right insights, words and spaces to lead to a breakthrough. I will be back for topics that feel too big, deep and difficult to move through on my own.



I’ve experienced deep and beautiful changes in just a few sessions working with Krista. Her intuitive and heart-centered approach is gentle and genuine, guided by a belief in the wisdom that the body never lies. Krista brought her kind spirit, vast knowledge and desire to grow personally to every meeting, guiding me gently and capably. She truly is a “wise woman of the tribe,” a healer who is part of the community she serves.



Krista held a beautiful space for me. A space free of anyone’s judgments, fears or preconceptions… except my own. In holding that space she gave me the opportunity and gentle guidance to look at these and walk through them. I came out on the other side feeling more committed and surrendered. The work we did was simpler than I expected, but profound in it’s simplicity. I experienced the complete solidification of trust in my own intuition, my ability to make it through anything, and renewed faith that, whatever the outcome, my baby was meant to be born in this way (breech).



I liked the actual feeling of healing in my body. It was immediate and apparent and intense. The three biggest benefits have been the reassurance and awareness that I am where I need to be, a great feeling of calm and relaxation, and feeling ready to finally leave behind debilitating patterns and stories that no longer serve me. Krista is truly amazing.



I’ve experienced deep and beautiful changes in just a few sessions working with Krista. Her intuitive and heart-centered approach is gentle and genuine, guided by a belief in the wisdom that the body never lies. Krista brought her kind spirit, vast knowledge and desire to grow personally to every meeting, guiding me gently and capably. She truly is a “wise woman of the tribe,” a healer who is part of the community she serves.



Myth mending is a profound way to heal personal and cultural patterns we are stuck in because of trauma. Through Krista's work, I am finding new ways to engage with (or not engage with) toxic patterns and learning how to trust the movements that my body organically makes to do “the thing” without having to rely on my head/words. I have considered seeing a regular therapist in the past, but don’t feel I have the capacity to make them understand my issues in a way that doesn’t make me feel even more messed up. If you are sick of western psychological pathologizing you and telling you how to think and feel and heal, go to Krista. She is: Clear. Complex. Tender. I trust Krista wholeheartedly.



In just one Myth Mending session Krista identified the core struggle I was facing at a somatic level, and used very simple and powerful tools to get me in my body actively shifting the dynamic that I'd been trapped in for so long. The impact of that has remained with me long after my session with Krista. Krista's work gets down to the bones of the issue and works it through in a primal way, at the root. I loved her ability to hone in through the complexity of issues I brought forward, down to the core of what I needed to heal. Krista is Gentle, Powerful, Wise. She is deeply intuitive and can see what is hidden, to support you in mending fragmented aspects of your being and support your shift toward empowerment! 



Myth Mending enabled me to connect inner emotional dis-ease and turmoil with embodied practice and return to modes of release and expression. It is unique. Rather than just talking through my inner state, I was able to go into a deeper place, explore and see what came out and how. I discovered aspects of myself that I hadn’t been aware of before and I was able to heal. Krista is personal, strong and nurturing. Her presence is incredibly stabilizing and supportive which over time allowed for a true discovery, release, and understanding.



The Lazy-Lady Living coursework delved deeper than I expected and gave me an extra push in deepening my spiritual practice. I go back to things like Sacred Slaughter, dealing with death and permaculture in general. If you join the program, you’re in for a delicious treat. I am humbled by the generosity and wealth of information that Krista shares.



Being able to talk to someone who really understood the struggles that come as you move through the midwifery journey was extremely helpful. Also having someone who was unbiased and non judgmental regarding experience etc. was heart warming. I was surprised with how much trauma I still had stored and how it was affecting me moving on in my practice. I have been able to clarify where I stand. Krista was wonderful to work with. Unjudgemental, flexible and supportive. She didn’t rush the process allowing plenty of time for me to move through my emotions and thoughts but also made sure that our time together was well worth our while and resources. It was a great experience.



Before I started working with Krista, I was afraid to have to dig deep and struggle. Now I know that dealing with trauma doesn’t have to be difficult. Krista’s Soft Animal / Myth Mending process has gone past my brain right into the cells of my body, the animal within, and only pure honest discoveries have come forth. I loved the sacredness of working with Krista, the idea that our ancestors are involved, the wholeness – involving our mind, body, spirit and beyond – right down to items for the altar. If you are open to learning a unique way to deal with trauma and become more resilient for future ones, work with Krista!



Lazy-Lady Living has taught me that the type of human being I am will greatly inform how and why I sow seeds and grow plants/vegetables/herbs. All that matters is that I start to make small, meaningful changes daily. LLL has helped me to approach challenges and struggles in a fresh way, with curiosity and passion to find creative solutions. The material is so deep that I think one could spend a lifetime contemplating and there would still be more to learn. Lazy-Lady Living reveals how preciously intertwined we all are. When one can really feel how interconnected one is to the rest of the world, it becomes easier to make choices that will benefit the Whole.



Lazy Lady Living surpassed my expectations. I was blown away by the amount of content as well as the depth of the topics that we covered. Lazy Lady Living is a very well-rounded program that touches base on a lot of things that I feel a typical permaculture program may not. My biggest benefits from the course are knowledge of nature-based ‘gardening’ for optimal output with less effort while being better for the environment, your health, knowledge of home-death, and the concept of the gift-economy and practicing without licensure.



I loved Lazy-Lady Living. It presented me with new and profound ideas that I had not thought of before. The class was so much more than about agriculture, permaculture and biodynamics. It was about life and death, celebration, working with sorrow, grief, and conflict. Lazy-Lady Living helped me fill in gaps and deepen understandings. Overall, I have a renewed appreciation for the life force/Universe that guides us all, and a deeper trust in myself and my own inner wisdom. Krista brings herself into her work in a way that is genuine and comforting, while still being a strong and effective guide. I am so deeply grateful for the chance to rewrite many of my life’s most challenging stories as time progresses. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you! 



I liked everything about Lazy Lady Living. I will have to immerse myself in living it to completely understand all aspects. Lazy Lady Living has changed my perception immensely. I am now more determined to find land, no matter how small, and more determined to fully live this lifestyle. I am also more focused to delve deeper with this information and incorporate it into all aspects of my life. Lazy Lady Living provides a wealth of knowledge that is delivered in an awesome format – plus, it can be taken anywhere, anytime, and applied to any situation. Awesome work Krista!



I LOVE Lazy-Ladies & Lads! Krista and her family are living examples of what she teaches. It shows in all her classes and that inspires me. I immediately felt like part of something bigger. LLL gave me so much interesting and useful information to apply to my life; It has changed my family’s lifestyle and I feel awakened to something great! LLL gave me hope - there are people who are actually doing what I want to do and are willing to share it. I recommend LLL because it is jammed packed with a wealth of information to guide you on a journey of a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t ask for more!



My favorite part of Lazy-Lady Living was the exposure to such a wide range of topics, and the selected deeper learning of certain aspects and the integration of all the various topics into a way of living. I received thorough deepening of knowledge, more exposure to research / resources in several fields (trauma, initiation, permaculture) and practical and fuller integration of theory into everyday life. I also saw how well an online course can be facilitated and the potential for using this as a credible means to deliver knowledge. LLL is the only course I know about that covers the more cultural aspects of permaculture in depth. I also appreciated the connection with Weston A Price principles – an often overlooked “why” of permaculture. It pushes the boundaries with spiritual aspects – something that makes people uncomfortable but should be an accepted part of everyday life.



The topics in Lazy-Lady Living were great and really added to my understanding of “lazy living”. The videos were very insightful. They are concise and cover the essential learning points. Also they are rather informal as so they feel more like a chat/coaching rather than formalized training. I work for a large corporation and I was looking for the kind of guidance, vision and inspiration that would allow me to take a step further towards a more sensible way of life and I got it. The biggest benefits of the course for me were: a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of farming (Rudolf Steiner and the trauma concepts), a grasp of permaculture and biodynamic agriculture, and aim to apply it to my (small) backyard garden, and an awareness of life cycles (birth and death, green burials). It is quite far ahead of the general public. I’ll need lots of time to digest and assimilate this course!



Lazy-Lady Living exposed me to so many resources and so much material, very content rich! Before I enrolled, I just knew I was drawn to it. It tapped into that longing for connection to the source of everything, which is so prevalent now. We can see everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest that women, in particular (but not exclusively), are searching for it — the rise of the Sacred Feminine! I just think this longing, and need, is growing in our culture. I really benefited from all the content, and also the affirmation from being a part of a larger community. I recommend Lazy-Lady Living to friends and colleagues because it gives a real experience of what permaculture is all about.