This will be a gathering of repair and restoration,

of personal healing, and community transformation.

We will gather to witness, sense and cultivate among-ness.

We honor our regular selves as we also

initiate, activate and inspire each other.

We do this through many small things,

eating together, sitting knee to knee, 

and repairing the ruptures that 

keep us entangled and un-free.


This is not just a gathering to share medicine and/or skills,

though this will be an element of our time together.

This will be a time for each one of us to stand in the center

and ceremonially, with utmost care,

investigate and unearth what holds us back from our obligations.

We will slowly and with presence,

be witnessed as we unfold within the


to heal and transform.

We will take turns.

We will carry each other.

We will invite sacred world

and our most regular, vulnerable, selves

to visit, explore and mend . . .

You will be held . . .

August 16-18
Portland, Oregon

August 23-25
Portland, Oregon
10 spaces

I stand for re-membering.

Your ancestors will be honored.

Your longing will be invited.

Your soul will be held with care.

Your dignity is calling . . .

I will be your guide . . .

There is a necessary order across generations that allows love to flow

between individuals in families and friendships, between nations/cultures,

and between generations.

And when it doesn’t flow, our energy gets bound up

in intergenerational ruptures and entanglements,

so that we cannot be free.

We forget who we really are.

We begin to identify with patterns of behavior

and coping strategies that… work.

But also that bind us.

Everyone deserves healing

It is possible to repair these ruptures.

It is possible to unravel our entanglements

so that the stories of our lives can unfold

in a way that feels congruent with our deepest calling,

our passions and our dreams –

as individuals,

as kin,

as communities in relation.

Let me show you what's possible . . .

Reciprocity . . .

this is the part about how i do this work as a service, but also in order to support my family and projects i believe in . . .

for example: The Indígena Project

I hope you'll join us

This is the break-even cost and you are welcome to offer more than this. If you cannot safely and with integrity offer this much please contact me for a work-trade or scholarship.

the cost for this retreat is $250 

Snacks will be provided as well as a nourishing omnivorous big meal on Saturday and Sunday. 

Apply below to join us!

accommodation can be arranged on-site for an additional fee 

Register NOW

August 16-18
Portland, Oregon

August 23-25
Portland, Oregon
10 spaces

~ Jenny Rae Walter

I had an incredible session with Krista. I felt complete acceptance and non-judgement of the issues I brought to the table. Krista’s intuition is on point and she is a caring and attentive guide. She had a way of engaging me in the session and adding just the right insights, words and spaces to lead to a breakthrough. 

Complete acceptance and non-judgement

~ Josie Fae

Nothing I’ve tried has come close to the kind of immediate, deep affect that working with Krista has provided. Her methods are so gentle and intuitive that it’s hard to believe the powerful results. please set up an appointment with Krista, and get ready for a breakthrough!

Get ready for a breakthrough!

~ Ann Dorn Seregow

I’ve experienced deep and beautiful changes in just a few sessions. Krista's intuitive, heart-centered approach is gentle, genuine and guided by the wisdom that the body never lies. Krista brought her kind spirit, and vast knowledge to every meeting, guiding me gently and capably. She truly is a “wise woman of the tribe,” a healer who is part of the community she serves.

 . . . deep and beautiful changes

~ Liselle Vetsch

Krista held a beautiful space for me. In holding that space she gave me the opportunity and gentle guidance to look walk through my fears. The work we did was simpler than I expected, but profound in it’s simplicity. I experienced the complete solidification of trust in my own intuition, my ability to make it through anything, 

Krista held a beautiful space for me . . .

~ Abra Ann Stolte

I liked the actual feeling of healing in my body. It was immediate and apparent and intense. The three biggest benefits have been the reassurance and awareness that I am where I need to be, a great feeling of calm and relaxation, and feeling ready to finally leave behind debilitating patterns and stories that no longer serve me. Krista is truly amazing.

. . . immediate and intense.

~ Lucinda Bowman

First of all, I adore Krista! She is so warm, compassionate and human. I just love how whole I felt after the work we did in just two weeks. I feel calmer, and that is HUGE! I felt a real sense of completion after the work we did. I appreciated that the techniques didn’t dive right into the most painful memories, but danced around the edges thereby healing the more core pain.

I adore Krista . . .