We open ourselves to the troubled state of relational hospitality under spectres of displacement by invoking the traditional reciprocity of Indigenous mesoamerican tattooing praxis (tatua), reciprocity inherent in the P'urhépecha Juriatikua Uariri (Day of the Dead) ceremony, community relationships, Tatua medicine, and the activist potluck and offer intimate gestures of hospitality across boundaries of guest-host relations (invited/uninvited; living/dead; natural/cultural; embodied/parasitic; inscribed/fluid). Following Donna Haraway, we consider how “offering ourselves up on the menu” may generate more palatable and collaboratively productive guest-host relations. “Potluck” ceremony participants will share food with the living and the dead while considering their own travels onto and off-of home-place territories whether on land or across bodies. In our exploration of actions that trouble and counteract displacement through our unique positions as uninvited guests on colonized territories, our goal is to create an open, well-composted space of regeneration, negotiation, connection and engagement—for bringing our hearts and minds together as one with each other and with the geographies that claim us all as we ceremonially offer and imbibe food, drink, smoke and ink.

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hosted by krista arias, lindsay harris, toby lawrence

Consuming the Other in Juriatikua Uariri and the Activist Potluck