Animus Mundi :: new moon invitation

Animus Mundi – the world soul is the concept where European philosophy echoes, meets and traces back to it’s own, and all, indigenous roots. The concept goes back in the western tradition at least as far back as Plato.

Carl Jung, whose work has been pretty much exiled from the intellectual institutions of our times, found it, dusted it off the forgotten term and revived it in his analytical psychology. For Jung, the world soul is the real spirit of the earth that has independent existence from human reality.

It lives and breathes and interacts with us. The idea that stones and soil and sun and moon all have their own being and unfolding journey and also a call upon us is as old as old itself. It is an ancient and universal idea.

It reminds me of the saying,

The future has an ancient heart.

There is no such thing as a new idea, just a recombination of old ones, re-constitutions even, but nothing truly novel or original. The ancient dwells in us all. It remembers. It acts. It calls us into its possession even as we shift and evolve into our future world and selves.

Today the moon has her call upon us as she reaches her peak of darkness, her cyclic abyss of darkness.

The new moon promises a fresh start and a quiet where the deepest wishes of the heart can be heard. My heart, your heart… the heart of the world.

It’s night un-illuminated in the incredible fertility of death, and the death that exists in fertility. In traditional cultures women in the tribe menstruated together either at the new or the full moon.

With every new moon… my days took their shape in relation to the waxing and waning of the moon. Time wrapped itself around the gathering in my body, the swelling of my breasts, the aching anticipation of release, the three days of separation and pause.

~ Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

My almost-silent retreat started yesterday.

It took me until today to finally surrender. It started with a tightening in my chest, an impossible weight of an invisible hand. Today, it deepens. In order to keep quiet I am making connection before speaking. Realizing how often I talk to my children, and others, rather than with them.

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