our ancestors speak . . . if we can clear our hearts to honor them
our earth is a living mother who needs us as much as we need her

death is a threshold 
thresholds are sacred realms between worlds 
the relationship between birth and death is gorgeous and necessary

mothering is an archetypal pattern that is daily losing ground in our world. 
i believe understanding the core of mother, the centering of mother, is important.

 duality is sacred and liberatory
there is a rhythmic bridging between polarities
we currently live in ubiquitous polarized and confrontational cultural-war-zones
we can repair the rifts and bring all "sides" back into organic rhythmic relationship

poetry is a touchstone, a place of solace, epiphany and comfort 
words are also a profound weapon for social change, inspiration and healing  

 trauma is transmitted over generations and it can be healed
we can all re-member our ancestral souls, not despite but through trauma traces
ancestral wisdom and memoria is recovered in the healing process of all people . . . . . regardless of race and culture. 

we can engage in practices that activate and enact the sacred soul of the world, together.
that is how I found myself here . . .
in service, in love, in gratitude. 
your body is magic.
the lap of the earth is strong and open. 

We got this!