Right now it is a mess out there . . . and in here.

It's hard to see a way out of the current fragmentation and polarization.

Outer and inner worlds are both confused and confusing . . .

from the way we treat the earth, to the way we handle the soul.

You want to have hope for both, but not by living in denial.

It seems you either have to put your chin up, smile, and lie to yourself,

ignoring the ache of the earth and the cry of the psyche . . .

or live in a perpetual honest, but disturbed and depressed state.

It's so disheartening and sometimes downright frightening

It shouldn’t be so hard to live a life of meaning, purpose, and peace.

Let me show you a world . . .

there is another way . . .

You don’t have to blame yourself, or the world.

You can recover the balance, the rhythm, of inner and outer . . .

of grief and gratitude, of peace and purpose . . .

Let me show you a way.

What if I told you . . .

• appreciate depth and connection and integrity.
• understand that thresholds are sacred places.
• value ancestral traditions of earth and culture.
• understand that farming is a soul-craft
• want to understand their body-as-earth selves.
• know that simplicity & sustainability aren't fads.
• won't compromise fairness for freedom.
• won't compromise freedom for fairness.
• understand that paradox is generative.
• value a balance between emotion and intellect.
• strive to be regular, humble helpers . . . 

I love working with people who . . .

. . . myth mender, threshold activist, butter alchemist. I help people (and communities), like you, find well being, connection and belonging in an often confusing and complicated world. I do this through trauma resolution, dream-craft, curative story, lineage repair, performance ceremony, sacred & healing foods, and earth-medicine until you feel supported by your self, family, community, ancestors, land and cosmos. 
                           :: I also make art ::

Hi, I'm Krista

I am not your regular therapist :: nutritionist :: healer :: consultant :: officiant :: life-coach. I combine deep transformational work with holistic nutritional support, earth medicine and practical real world skills to give you an edge in offering yourself fully to your relationships, your work in the world, and your community. I work with people one-on-one as well in groups. I can help in the following areas: holistic nutrition & permaculture, individual and community ceremony, as well as depth psychology & life coaching.

                                          :: and art ::


My commitment to creative praxis and interdisciplinary research ceremony is rooted in the deep intersection of arts-based and Indigenous methodologies and epistemologies, social justice, poetic imagination, phenomenology, depth and liberation psychologies. My current research centers on the re-indigenization and re-matriation of Indigenous birth and mothering practices through community land-based performative ceremonial activism. I write poetry & creative non-fiction, make images & films, and strive to re-member "art" creation with its power in enacting ceremonial world vision.

the ART part

How I can help you . . .

• counseling/coaching/depth-psychology 
• dream-work, trauma resolution, poetic imagination
• holistic nutritional therapy 
• urban farming & earth-medicine
• ceremony & rites of passage creation
• courses in sustainability and permaculture
• coaching programs in creativity & financial freedom 
• birth-keeping, DIY death,
• xicana cultural restoration:
  temazcal :: rebozo :: temixoch :: xochi-cuicatl

Here's the kind of thing I offer: