The Weeping

May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in. ~Mother Theresa

I have been talking about the weeping for many years.  Mostly just with myself and the Angels. I sometimes describe it to people to explain why crying isn’t such a bad thing, when it is done right. Why I cling to tears as holy water, as sacred balm, as my birthright.

There is a certain kind of crying that is a surrender, a pouring out, and then, a clearing.

It is the broken-open heart.

Finding one’s way to tears is anything but weakness. Tears are a sacred and beautiful. The ideal state of the heart is one of flow. In order to reach this state one passes through many spirals of experience and tears are the sign of the melting of the material facts into the spiritual wisdom of connection, vision and openness.

One definition of Sufism is joy at sudden disappointment. The Sufis know that precisely the right disaster comes at the right moment to break us open to the helplessness that an opening of the heart requires. ~Coleman Barks

Tears are the trap door into humility, surrender, and joy. When grief brings one into the Cosmic Flow of All Things, I call it The Weeping.

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