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Just writing to say you have a beautiful heart. I’m down in the Bay Area and was surfing the internet on permacultural topics. I really appreciated several of your blog posts and the guest house you run. Which one’s struck me the most you ask? The “Fair share, Self Care, the language of humans needs” and the” Zone Zero, site plan of the psyche”. Okay… a few more: “Plant your garden while watching madmen. …..One day (most years at least) you do actually get to the planting, but you wonder why you’re such a loser that you don’t just spring up and run to the garden at every possible moment.……”; Wailing….. “What if the increasing epidemic of depression, stress and overwhelm is an expression of our lack of grieving?”

May your life hold countless blessings.
keep up the great work.


I’ve experienced deep and beautiful changes in just a few sessions working with Krista. Her intuitive and heart-centered approach is gentle and genuine, guided by a belief in the wisdom that the body never lies. Krista has helped me see sensations and emotions I previously dismissed as gifts that can help heal the traumatic moments of life. Krista brought her kind spirit, vast knowledge and desire to grow personally to every meeting, guiding me gently and capably without imposing the artificial distinction between expert and patient. She truly is a “wise woman of the tribe,” a healer who is part of the community she serves. I highly recommend her services.

~ Ann Dorn Seregow, Publisher of Seattle Natural Awakenings, Mama Myth Mending


Oh, dear Krista. “They say it takes 3 years to traverse the labyrinth of becoming a mother. You are just the right mother for your daughter… depression and all.” Three years, you say? That feels right too. I’m so not there yet. I’m miles from where I started but I have been keeping the secret that I have so much further to go. And, in a sentence, you let me know that’s okay too.
You’re a gift.

~ C.K., writer and mother, a Facebook conversation


I’ve spent a lot of time trying to “figure it all out.” Even as a child, I dug deeply into the resources I had. I worked the Church over with a fine tooth comb, believing the “answers” would be revealed to me. Later, I turned to Buddhism, “New Age” Healing and then, finally, philosophy and science. But no matter how many books I read or how long I meditated, or how many Spiritual Experiences I had, or how intellectually I could explain the science behind such experiences – I just always felt like all I got were more questions and competing answers. The more I learned, the more I “figured out,” the more I felt that nothing could possibly be “true” or “good.” This, along with an overpowering drive to “do good,” lead me into a dark forest of anxiety and doubt. I walked through the world never sure of what to do, always afraid of making the wrong choices because I couldn’t “figure out” what was “good” or “right.”

The work I’ve done with Krista is so intuitive; sometimes it feels as mindless as breathing. It takes me beyond doubt and intellectual analysis because it resonates so precisely with my mind, body and spirit. I Know the truth in the work we’re doing, just like I Know the truth of breathing or sleeping or eating good food. It’s not something I’ve learned from the outside. In our work, Krista has been an amazing guide and teacher, but she has only been guiding me to places I already Know, only been teaching me the way to get there on my own. This work has re-taught me my own ability to Know life, wholly and without doubt or fear. I always suspected there was something to Know, but my cynical/ignorant mind had given up. Myth Mending has given me the opportunity to move through life confidently and quit the torture of trying to “figure it all out.”

~Josephine Fae, mother of 3, Myth Mending


Krista asked just the right questions about our business goals, but also about our dreams, lifestyle and current situation. She really listened to us, not only what we said verbally, but all that was unsaid, the stuff that really only existed in our hearts. Krista created a really safe and supportive space to talk openly. She was genuinely excited about our project, a basic cleaning company, and rather than churn out just another generic cleaning site, she listened, intuited and came up with something unique, warm, inviting and fun. We love the clients and employees we attract through the site she created for us and are inspired by our work every day. Krista was dead on.

Before we got started we were worried that we wouldn’t be taken seriously or that our feeling based sense of the project wouldn’t be translated accurately. We were also committed to authenticity and truly serving people and the world. We wanted our business to be based in love, not just making money. Of course, we also really needed to support ourselves. When we saw what Krista was doing at Tierra Soul we were impressed and hopeful that she would “get” us. We put our dream in her hands and she delivered a true gift to us. Our business is successful and blossoming and we feel proud putting it out there. After less than one year we are now making a solid living, employing others and dreaming new dreams. There is now doubt in our minds that we will continue to work with Krista and get her help on future projects.

If you want someone trustworthy, truly creative, savvy and kind to help you get your business idea into the world, you won’t be disappointed with Krista.

~ Cecilia Flor, co-owner of the Tidy Gnomes, A Room of Her Own


First of all, I adore Krista! She is so warm, compassionate and human. I always feel very free to express myself both mentally and physically when I’m around her. I just love how whole I felt after the work we did in just two weeks. I feel like I found some very useful tools that I can use during other stressful or anxiety provoking times. My immediate impression is that I feel calmer, and that is HUGE! I carry a lot of anxiety around with me that is not necessary, warranted or useful. I felt a real sense of completeness and completion after the work that we did.

I appreciated that the Myth Mending techniques didn’t always dive right into the most painful experiences or memories, but gracefully danced around the edges thereby healing the more core pain. I would recommend working with Krista. It felt like such meaningful and necessary work to do after something as monumental as childbirth. I really appreciated getting the opportunity to do this work with her. I’m not sure if I’d feel safe enough to do that kind of work with just anyone, which really speaks volumes about her gifts and talents. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!

Lucinda Bowman, Speech Pathologist and mother, Mama Myth Mending


Krista held a beautiful space for me. A space free of anyone’s judgments, fears or preconceptions… except my own. In holding that space she gave me the opportunity and gentle guidance to look at these and walk through them. I came out on the other side feeling more committed to my birth plan and also more surrendered to the will of the Universe. The work we did was simpler than I expected, but profound in it’s simplicity. I experienced the complete solidification of trust in my own intuition, my ability to make it through anything, and renewed faith that, whatever the outcome, my baby was meant to be born in this way (breech). To go into labor with all of my fears fully in the light and no longer holding power in the shadows, gave me the confidence and ability to be present and focused during my labor. I would absolutely recommend working with Krista to anyone who is pregnant. Working with her is the gift of bringing a richness and consciousness to your birth experience that I think many women long for, but can be difficult to find in our culture.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

~ Liselle Vetsch, mother of 2, Baby Blooming


I liked the actual feeling of healing in my body. It was immediate and apparent and intense. I didn’t have to do a lot of strenuous exercises or exhausting work to feel good and renewed for the rest of the day. I also felt calm and peaceful and relaxed. Before I worked with Krista, I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I realize what a profound and amazing tool somatic healing is. It brought immediate and I’m sure, long-lasting calm and peace to an anxious and worried heart. It allowed me to do what I’m always striving to do, live in the moment without grasping to the “future” and carrying unnecessary worry around with me. The three biggest benefits have been the reassurance and awareness that i am where i need to be, a great feeling of calm and relaxation, and feeling ready to finally leave behind debilitating patterns and stories that no longer serve me. I’ve been excited to share my experience with people. I hope that everyone will be able to experience somatic healing in their life.

Thank you thank you thank you!! Krista is truly amazing. Not only has she opened my eyes to new ways to nourish my body through food, she is also an incredible healer. Who knew that we can release trauma in such an amazing way! Her work is revolutionary and groundbreaking and reminding me just how amazing humans truly are!

~ Abra Ann Stolte, Artist, Myth Mending


Being able to talk to someone who really understood the struggles that come as you move through the midwifery journey was extremely helpful. Also having someone who was unbiased and non judgmental regarding experience etc. was heart warming. I had a good understanding of Somatic Experiencing prior to our first sessions and I was quite sure that I didn’t have any trauma that was affecting my midwifery journey but was open to see where things led me. I was surprised with how much trauma I still had stored and how it was affecting me moving on in my practice. Everything is so tied to together you really need to feel whole, complete, and at peace before you make any major decisions that might affect others. I have been able to clarify where I stand regarding sitting for the NARM exam, feelings about licensure, midwifery partnerships and much more. I have established myself as an independent midwife while still upholding good relationships with my preceptors. This has been crucial to my development. I feel like midwives as a whole seem to struggle more with their journey and role in life not to mention processing their own births or births they attend. All of this affects our clients and our families. Feeling peace and clarity in a situation helps you feel like you can mount any obstacles before you. Krista was wonderful to work with. Unjudgemental, flexible and supportive. She didn’t rush the process allowing plenty of time for me to move through my emotions and thoughts but also made sure that our time together was well worth our while and resources. It was a great experience.

~ DyAnna Gordon, Licensed Midwife and mother of 4, Myth Mending for Midwives


I’m speechless as to say how this class has warmed my heart, opened me to new ideas and given me some good ol soul searchin understanding. As well as confidence that there are other women out there who share the same inspiring beliefs and struggles. Thank you, immensely. I’m just so grateful for the ideas and feelings we’ve all shared, or kept to ourselves but experienced together. This has really been somethin’ rad and totally a mystery school. I’ve always wanted to be an activisty member of our life community, but nothing until this really really fit the bill and rocked the gut like a good morning lullaby.

~Alexi Bernard, birthkeeper, MamaMuse (un)Midwifery Mentorship