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We’ll get along great if you:
•    are a DIYer at heart and want to learn the art of interdependence.
•    are a little sick of the work eco and sustainable and want to go a little deeper
•    would really love to re-orient your life to pleasure, joy, peace and simplicity
We are the Arias Clan, chief mischief makers, dreamers, inventors and creators of Tierra Soul.
We are urban farmers, wanna be change-the-world-ers, and guardians of ancestral knowing. We are a small family struggling to find a new way in an crumbling old world. We love sharing with people from around the world about how to do that. We created Tierra Soul as an experiment, as a practice project. We had a dream and we tossed it out to the internet ethers. It took off, and we have been catching up ever since. Tierra Soul is an experiment in the power of Traditional Wisdom and Ancestral Ways, but also in evolution and the Indigenous Soul that resides in each and every one of us. Our dream is that, one by one, we would all recover this Indigenous Self, stop wondering who owns culture and get to the work of creating it.
We hope you’ll join us!
We  especially love to work with:
•    Global Villagers excited about Simple Living and Sustainability.
•    People who want to focus on the Social dimensions of Sustainability and Permaculture.
•    We have a soft spot for artists, musicians and entrepreneurs.
•    People who are living into the NEW Economy creatively and with verve.
•    Anyone ready to take a risk and learn from their mistakes, together.
Sound like what you’ve been looking for?

Check it out: