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in Xochitl in Cuicatl

My ancestors saw that primarily and ultimately everything is Teotl, you and me, the grass, the buildings, the seas, the wildcats and the cosmos. However, in Nahua philosophy, “teotl presents itself primarily as the ceaseless, cyclical oscillation of polar yet complimentary opposites” of being and non-being, life and death, hot and cold, wet and dry, active and passive.

According to Nahua logic, Noble speech, Flower and Song or walking in xochitl in cuicatl, in poetry and prayer, is the methodology of the teotized heart. A prerequisite for this station is that one must be related to Tlalticpac (that which is on earth). In Xochitl In Cuicatl emerges as a unique temporary and fleeting intuition and expression of truth out of the earth embodied heart. When you go deep inside yourself to your most authentic, connected and emergent knowing and you give rise to that expression, when teotl discloses itself to you -then you are expressing something into reality. You are making it so. Truth is created as we express flower and song – constructive, connected and in balance between the rhythmic oscillating dualities of the world.

La Palabra’s first incarnation was a literary arts and media publishing space founded in 2002, opened in 2003 and ran until 2006. This was where Fold Crêperie was originally founded – out front of our warehouse-y space in no-man’s-land NE Portland. we had a darkroom, letterpresses, video editing suites and an immense amount of creativity, courage and vision. I am still grateful to to amazing volunteers and creatives who made this dream burst onto the scene.

La Palabra continues as an emergent and evolving place of community creation, collaboration and restoration through embodied, personal, relational, affective, process-based and poetic (in xochitl in cuicatl) truth telling and unfolding.

The studio/performance  is now located in the Mississippi Ave. neighborhood.


The Earth is My Elder, April 2016 – April 2017

Year long performance ceremony between myself and the earth as an Elder, as an epistemological relationality, and ultimately as myself.

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Xochiquetzal’s Bed :: a union of feathers and flowers, May 2016

Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art

Meditation on Xochiquetzal, Mexica goddess of birth, mothering and female sexuality.

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Community Events / Salons, 1998-present

Themes have included: friendship : love : community, art, joy, day of the dead, birth, death.

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Fold Crêperie, 2003-6

A large scale performance art piece, performed adjunct to La Palabra Café-Press when, running a Food Cart was way less sexy then after 2008 when it exploded in popularity. However, I was arguably one of the first “gourmet” food carts that emerged before the surge and my Indigenous relations and ancestors remain unseen actors in the earth-based street food phenomenon. Fold Creperie was written up in Bon Appetite magazine – before the internet. I am currently writing a memoir/cookbook about my time as a mexi-crêpe cart creator and food cart pioneer that aims to un-erase us from this his-tory.

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The Cereal Box Review, 1999

A small literary publication in the form of a Cereal Box. Not only novelty, but a culture jam in itself the box was covered with images, poetry, quotes, essays and short fiction so the cereal eater could have something less banal than nutrition facts to read over breakfast or a midnight snack. The Cereal Box Review was also a symbolic first independent project for me that I decided to do even if no-one was watching. Well turns out they were.

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