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Xochiquetzal’s Bed will be performed between March 12th and 22th, surrounding the Vernal Equinox. I will be surrounded by raw materials and adorn, one stitch at a time, the bed I will use in my performance of: The Earth is my Elder.

I invite re-indigenizing Split Feather women (women with Indigenous ancestry who have been separated from their ancestral land language and culture) to contribute symbols of the woman-child-mother-in-exile-wound they have inherited and lived. Along with the image of Xochiquetzal (who stands for women, fertility, biirth,motherhood, sexuality and the full flight and flowering of orgasm – of feminine pleasure and love and birth and visioning) and her suckling child, these symbols will be woven together with my dreams as I create my bed as a piece of ceremonial regalia ultimately to adorn and activate a community temazcalli for re-indigenizing Split Feather and Xicana girls, women and mothers. I request and receive symbolic contributions from visitors whether you come face-to-face or visit virtually.

I will be setting up my first laying-on space in my tiny backyard behind the Mercantile. Feel free to msg me about visiting. All are welcome especially those struggling to recollect and re-create their Indigenous ancestral lineage and Indigenous Knowledge.

(1) The Earth is my Elder is a sister ceremony, or maybe it is a child or a mother, a friend…, where I respond to what the Earth has asked of me, to lay on her for a year. I will begin to explore this obligation by laying on the Earth for most of the month of April… As Spring emerges I will lay listening for clues to how I will fulfill her larger request that I may on her for a full year. Visit this link to learn more and The Earth is my Elder: https://www.facebook.com/events/1572444149742636/