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A visit with Alberta Indigenous Doulas- kâpamihât kâyawâwasôwîyit

Open to all self-identified Indigenous women interested in the restoration of Indigenous birth and mothering

My first topic will be Earth Womb Medicine where I discuss the re-matriation water womb and woman within the temazkalli or what I can Earth-Womb Medicine. I will talk about the origins and evolution, near disappearance and contemporary revival and sharing of the temazkalli (or mesoamerican sweat house) as it relates to pregnant, birthing and postpartum women, girl’s coming of age, and women entering the blood-pause of Eldership.

I will also offer a sharing I call Radical Rebozo where I discuss the rebozo as a mesoamerican Indigenous Technology (IT) and give examples of some of the diverse traditional and contemporary uses of the rebozo. I will also offer a sharing and demonstration of how I perform the postpartum rebozo Closing of the Bones Ceremony that comes from my Mexica relatives and ancestors.

Finally, we will close with a culture share. I ask each attendee to bring a small teaching, that they have permission to share, from their host or ancestral Indigenous lineage about woman, womb, birth, tears, the sweat house, menarche, moon blood, coming of age, mama’s milk or anything to do with Indigenous birth/mothering for a mama/birth centered Indigenous story circle.

This is a free event. Donations for travel expenses gladly accepted.

There will be food I hope. Bring something to share if you can…

Want to bring this event to your community? Please contact me.