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Hi I’m Krista…

writer, cultural philosopher and social innovator.

As a diasporic Xicanx Indigena mixie and adoptee, I was raised by the land of salmon and mountains, of rain and forests, of water and wind. I now live between many worlds, as uninvited guest, in traditional Chinook territory, as a visitor in Syilx territory and as a humble returnee to my paternal ancestral homelands in Ndeh and Purépecha territory. My Indigenous ancestors are from land where earth is hot and water is scarce, where death is celebrated and the ancestors honored. From them, I inherited my threshold sensibility. As early as eight years old I was pouring over images and stories of death. I would spend hours alone marveling at the realms between worlds and the gorgeous and necessary relationship between birth and death.

I have always been a little out of synch, finding myself at odds with current cultural paradigms. It has taken me years to realize that I have also always been a step ahead and that my crazie (with an i-e) ideas eventually come around.

When I built and opened the food cart, Fold Créperie, in 2003 people really struggled to understand the notion of gourmet food in what had always been the domain of innovative immigrant fare and cheap street food. Eventually I was written up in Bon Appetit Magazine and acclaimed by Oregonian food critic Karen Brooks. But by that time I was already moving on to my next (ubscure and of the future) thing.

The Collaborative Publishing and Literary Performance space, La Palabra Café-Press, I started received much acclaim. Each of our events had hundreds of people, we published a popular Zine, The Cereal Box Review, strangers donated equipment and a slew of amazing and creative volunteers offered their time to keep the space open and evolving. After receiving a very timely and moving anonymous $10,000 donation, using it to dig myself out of a nearly catastrophic financial pit, I realized the financial reality of running the space. I called it quits and closed up shop just like that. I often wonder what would have happened if I had stuck with it….

But there were other things in store for me…

When I was pregnant with my first child, Felix Kalypso Arias, I was catapulted into a call to understand and work with birth. I trained as a midwife and began reclaiming the ancient archetypal power of the first rite of passage of birth and mothering. I founded a virtual space called MamaMuse for birthing mothers and beyond. My perspectives have been radical and provocative and I suspect ahead of their time.
Before having children, in 2004 my husband and I got some backyard chickens. We embraced traditional foods in 2006, Permaculture in 2010 and our current urban farm, Tierra Soul, has blossomed into part of a cultural movement and new social paradigm of sustainability and eco design.
My work with birth and mothering, with food, with embracing death and all forms of cultural creativity have all come together there. This work allows me be together with my family and we home-school our 2 children. You can read about all that (and there’s a lot) over at our Tierra Soul site.

When my second child, Allium Xocoatl Arias, was born I was inspired to really begin studying money. I came to a place in my journey where I really wanted to understand economics and get to the bottom of my own relationship with money. I wanted to crack the code and gain access to financial freedom and security.
I was tired of being out of control, poor and confused about money and success. I have since spent thousands of hours studying marketing, money management, financial freedom, branding and building an entrepreneurial identity…. and in case you’re wondering, I did crack the code and I loved it…. and left it.

While I have always been pretty indie, I did participate in the dominant culture for a stint. In fact, I have a Masters degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto to prove it. I also have a Masters degree in Classics from St. John’s College and a BA in Liberal Arts from the Evergreen State College.
I am a Philosophical Counselor and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner as well as a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Constellation Facilitator. I have trained as a Birth Keeper and a Death Midwife and completed my Permaculture Design Certificate in 2010.
I am currently a dedicated student of Anthroposophy, Waldorf Education and Biodynamic Farming and continue to study heart centered marketing and sacred economics. I am also contemplating my ordination and pursuing deeper mystical initiation and learning. I am always evolving as an artist and writer…
Along the way, my affinity for words have been my side-kick, my constant touchstone, my place of solace, epiphany and comfort. They have also been my weapon for social change, inspiration and healing.
“Write to Save yourself… and one day you’ll write because you’ve been saved” ~Anne Michaels
I am a born writer, healer and shit-disturber. My hands have always known the way, the words have always come often even before ideas, and I cannot help living outside the box. While I have honed my crafts, these three things were given to me to serve the world.

I am also a late bloomer.

I went to college late, had kids late, reached financial fluency late and even my gray hairs have come in later than for many. With the gray has come insight and depth, and an understanding that creativity, cultural or otherwise, takes a little extra gestation, a slightly longer oven time, to be fully developed and ready for emergence. I am happy to say that, finally I am in bloom and all the divergent paths, the circuitous journey and feelings of being an outsider have coalesced and I really know what I am doing here, who I want to serve and why it all matters. You know, more or less – after years of feeling isolated, confused and like a failure, I am clear, confident and fully embracing my gifts and my responsibility to the world. And the gray in my hair is finally commanding a little respect…. smile.

What I do doesn’t quite fit into any box.

I am an Independent Scholar, Poet, Midwife, Healer and Chef.

I am a Myth Mender, a Threshold Activist, a Butter Alchemist and a Moon Medicine Muse.

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with transformation, delving deep for treasures and receiving cosmic clues from the great beyond. I have spent my life navigating the alchemical depths of the sacred and the wild, the magical and the radical, the inspired and the mysterious. I have an invisible medicine bag of tricks and tools, spells and tonics to assist you as you navigate your descent, your ordeal and your return.

Ancestral Soul

My personal experience of saving my indigenous soul not despite, but through the traces of somatic memory of trauma, has inspired me to explore how genocidal trauma is transmitted over generations and how it can be healed (how we can all be decolonized) through various methods of ancient indigenous healing whose validity are now being corroborated and becoming accepted even in western anglo consciousness apart from the New Age appropriations of sacred knowledge.

I am also interested in documenting the indigenous ways of knowing that are recovered in the healing/decolonizing process of all people regardless of race and culture and developing/evolving methodologies and practices that include indigeneity so that the world can benefit from its incredible way to wisdom and healing.

My Purpose:

I believe that poetry is the lost alchemical art of making the unseen visible though the communal vehicle of language.

I believe in the curative power of stories, of recovering and stitching them back together around the rips and tears of the tapestry of ones life. I have seen how reconnecting the frayed edges of one’s personal mythology restores and transforms lives. I call it Myth Mending.

I stand witness at the threshold of birth and death in their archetypal and myriad shadow forms, forms that grace our lives, each and every one of us, each and every day.

And yet, we are lost, mystified in the presence of secret truths that lay in the bosom of the world, their call to becoming. We are stuck in lives of pretending and striving, lacking purpose, justice and true friendship.

Consider me your Indigenous Philosopher Queen Bee, sitting at the center of the buzzing racousness of the world, quietly inspiring a revolution in your soul.

I value:

Compassion: For others, but first for the yourself.

Courage: Living a life committed to transformation takes boldness.

Authenticity: This means knowing yourself and being aware of the urge to pretend.

Depth: Just because you aren’t great with small talk and are ready to delve deep doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of immense joy.

Humility + Reverence: Knowing you are not in control of your life gives you freedom to surrender and be with what is.

Beauty: We have no art… We simply do everything as beautifully as we can. – Balinese Saying

I am so glad to meet you,