25 Random Things

1) early mornings swell with silence
2) i forget my keys
3) fear coats the inside of the amulet
4) ugly duckling
5) better behind the scenes
6) cave houses, thatch roofs, earthen floors and hand fired domes
7) barefoot
8) vigorous cuddling
9) notorious
10) handstitched
11) party pooper
12) my children’s voices, little lips, emergence
13) buttons, tassels, bells, ribbons
14) bareback
15) tangled sheets
16) courage
17) grief gates
18) integrity
19) dark room art
20) rilke
21) tenderness, compassion. solitude, celebration
22) nervous breakthrough
23) there is a song calling me from the unseen
24) this is my house, my key, my hand with its new lines…….
25) ……. i am as old as i will ever be. -Fleur Adcock


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